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August 30, 2019

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Benefits of Cool-Down after Strenuous Exercise

Have tried a vigorous physical exercise before? Have you ever felt something like pain after exercise? If you do, then you should know that these are lactic acid which got accumulated in your muscles during the strenuous exercise. This is the reason why it is recommended that if you finish physical training, you should cool-down. Cool-down is also part of the exercise, and it helps the body to go back to its normal state before the exercise. Research has found that cool-down after strenuous exercise has a lot of benefits to the body. The following are the merits of practicing cool-down after vigorous exercise.

The main benefit of cooling down after vigorous exercise is that it prevents venous pooling of blood in your lower extremities. During the exercise a lot of changes happen in your body. During the exercise the heart will pump faster to supply every part of the body which is involved in the exercise with blood rich in oxygen to produce energy. This implies that the veins which were at rest will contract to accept more blood under elevated pressure as there is demand for oxygen in the body parts. Thus, in case you just stop the exercise immediately, the heat relaxes, this makes the blood pressure to drop rapidly, the blood which was already in the veins will pool, and there will be low blood supply to the head. As the blood flow to the head is disrupted, the person will experience dizziness or can even faint. However, you can escape this by practicing cool-down after strenuous exercise, cooling down will slow the heartbeat and bring the entire circulatory system back to normal.

Another important reason why it is good to cool-down after a strenuous exercise is that it will help your muscles to return to its optimal length-tension relationship. As one is training, his or her muscles will change by increasing in length. If you stop the training immediately the muscle will begin to relax to go back to its normal length rapidly, and this will cause a lot of pain. Therefore, practicing cool down before the end of the training will prevent this and helps to return your muscles to its normal length slowly.

The other benefit of practicing cool-down when finishing the training session is to cool down your body temperature gradually back to normal. During the exercise, your body temperature will increase as evidenced with sweating. To bring your temperature back to normal you will have to cool down, for example, if you were running you could start to walk.

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