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April 3, 2019


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A High Pressure Misting & Fogging System Can Keep You Cool Whenever It is Hot

A breakthrough way to stay cool on hot days has been introduced; the High Pressure Misting & Fogging Systems. These cooling systems provide owners with some system that is practically trouble free and can last for a really long time. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. They can be used in the courtyard or in the dining area.

Green houses can benefit from such a system as it helps to keep humidity in the atmosphere and likewise helps to protect the plants against wilting on days when the temperature is very hot; on some occasions, these systems turned out to be very helpful for the plants to greatly exceed their normal production. Many people may not have heard of such a system before.

Mist nozzles along with a high pressure water pump is used by the system to cause insignificant drops of water to be sprayed above some area, but without getting something wet or leaving any residue of water on your furniture or equipment.

Its fans swing back and forth, spraying fine mist about 5 or 6 feet away, absolutely drying the air and making the air cooler at 25 degrees. At below 1000 PSI at which the mist is placed under, such a high pressure can cause this mist to totally evaporate; comparative to a six-ton air conditioner. But you may keep the fan steady or in a permanent directions. If you search online, there are several websites where you can purchase a high pressure misting and fogging system. There are misting fans that are portable available as well as complete misting systems that have their own stainless steel mist nozzles and mist lines. This type of systems are set up utilizing overhead water connections very much like how you would set up a fire sprinkler. The water in a fine mist is scattered downwards.

Installing the system in the home will help create a pretty spectacle for the home. Your pets will also be kept cool because these systems were designed with them in mind too. Fans are available in 12″ up to 48″ selections and you can have it mounted either on a platform, wall, flooring, or the equipment itself.

Restaurants along with zoo exhibits and other work spaces use such high pressure systems too; in the case of zoo exhibits, this helps in keeping the protected during hot days and in creating a foggy effect, which is a sight to behold all by itself, aside from the fact that the animals love such an effect. They are as well used on livestock at the farms. When livestock feels more comfortable, the more food they will be able to produce.

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