5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Components

February 19, 2019


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What to Look for in Engine Control Modules.

An engine control module (ECM) also known as the power train control module can be said to be the brains of an engine management system. From ignition timing, the fuel mixture to emission control the engine control module has something to do with everything that goes on in your engine. Engine control module monitors the emission of your vehicle through the on board diagnostics programming. It is also responsible for the operation of the engine cooling fun, the fuel pump and the charging system as well. In a nut shell the engine control module will oversee the a variety of functions that are needed to operate your vehicle.

Engine control modules electronic components are built to be tough but it’s possible to have some problems with it. When engine modules experience failure it can be difficult to get any diagnostic trouble codes and that rules out chances of troubleshooting what the problem could be. The problem however at most times will not be in the computer but outside such as faulty wiring, total failure of the engine control module is very are.

At times a professional will successfully identify the computer to be the problem , if it is the case it will need to be changed, but changing it will require a professional to do it properly. Doing the replacement is actually done in a series of steps. Replacement of the computer is not a simple affair , it is done in a series of steps. Look at how compatible the computer is with your vehicle, it needs to be programmed for your vehicle’s year , make, model and engine just to mention but a few specifics. A remanufactured module supplier will have the information necessary so consider doing all the consultations that you have to do because this is not procedure that you can afford to get wrong.

Programming will require special knowledge and tools, this is no task to do as a do It yourself project. For your truck ECM you and other heavy machinery you need to do a lot of research before you do the purchase. There are probably hundreds of shops that are selling ECMs but that is not to mean that they are genuine. If you happen to buy a truck ECU that is not genuine not only have you wasted your time but money as well.

You need to test it first before you can conclude the transaction. One of the ways to know that you are dealing with a faulty ECM is when it starts detecting problems that are not there. You can also get to the internet and check to see that it has all features that its meant to have , if it lacks even the essential then you can be sure that’s not the real gadget that you are after.

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