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April 3, 2019

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What You Should You Know About PTCB Exam?

The pharmacy technicians are continually in high demand as well as the requirements for pharmacy technicians are so doable for a lot of applicants to complete. The pharmacy technicians tend to receive a steady salary with a great deal of opportunities for the advancements, as a result, a lot of them tend to utilize their position as a gateway career to other kinds of medical profession. The doctors, patients, pharmacists as well as pharmacy technicians are the important composition of the pharmacy.

How to be a pharmacy technician?
Bear in mind that the requirement and regulation is different from all the states, however, all of the states would need you to have at least a minimum education requirement and a high school diploma. There are a couple of states that would require a pharmacy technician to have a registration with the state board, pass a particular education program and even finish a job training or even have a license being a certified pharmacy technician.

Irrespective of the individual policies of thee states, the pharmacy technician certification board or PTCB is a qualified national program that supports that standard for all the pharmacy technicians across the United States. The PTCB was first established in the year 1995 and was made by a group of industry leaders. And a lot of pharmacies would love to hire someone who holds a pharmacy technician license.

What happens if someone does not pass the pharmacy technician licensure exam?
About 57% of the takers of the PTCB only passed the exam last year according to the PTCB. If you were not able to pass your first exam, you don’t have to be apprehensive since you can take it for 4 more times within a 60 day period after failing in taking it. After your 4th attempt, the students are asked to wait for another 6 months and give a proof of preparation for the exam before they can take another exam.

Keep in mind that this exam is specialized and is comprehensive, for this reason, education programs, practice tests, study guides and even job training are very recommended for the preparation. There are a number of review centers that give a set of questions during the review taken directly from the PTCB exam, as a result, you won’t be surprised in taking the exam. This kind of test prep provides you all things you should know about pharmacy technician, and hence, you can prepare for the PTCB in just 2 weeks or even less. Be certain that the review center you choose has a money back guarantee in the time you fail the exam. In this way, you can use the money to review again for the pharmacy technician licensure exam.

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