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March 29, 2019

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Factors to Consider when Assessing a Truck Driving Job

Driving is a skill that has been essential ever since its inception. In the centuries when fuel powered vehicles didn’t exist, drivers were still considered key in driving carriages and chariots. Consequently, driving has stood the test of time. Now driving of trucks is a whole new ball game. It is a skill that takes time to master fully but which harbors plenty of opportunities. Are you a newbie in the sector looking for work? Are you a seasoned truck driver looking to break new ground? So how exactly do you pick the right trucking company to work for? Well, sit back, relax and read this article.

For starters, evaluate the reputation the trucking firm has amassed over time. What are they known for in public circles? Go through their website and have a feel of what is there. Examine both good and bad reviews that the firm has gotten to help paint a picture of who you are dealing with. Engage friends in the truck driving industry who can shed further light on the trucking company you are looking at. The information they give may help you make a choice early on.

Again, the turnover rate at the trucking company is another vital point to look into. Ask around why the person you are replacing opted to pack their bags and go. If you are told they relocated or were promoted, then things are just fine. But if it is said they quit the profession or moved to another company in the vicinity, then your sixth sense should tell you that something isn’t right. When the turnover rate is very high, then unhappy drivers is probably the order of the day.

The payment value and terms should also feature heavily in this assessment list. I certainly don’t think you are offering volunteer services. In the trucking industry, drivers tend to be paid as per the distance, e.g., per mile. Nevertheless, there are some systems that take a time-based approach, but often experience determines this. Therefore, it is vital you find out the pay scale of drivers that work for the prospective trucking company. Look into matters of initial pay, scheduled pay raises, bonus pay and accessorial pay. You mileage pay can get that extra boost from bonus and accessorial pay.

Finally, you can’t overlook safety. A speeding truck is not actually everyone’s cup of tea, and so plenty of risks are present in this kind of work. Thus, it is best to pick a trucking firm that prioritizes safety. The trucks should be in tip-top shape, and insurance is indeed out of the question.

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