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February 19, 2019


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Advantages Associated With Hormone Therapy

Hormones are produced by the body by different organs such as the pancreas and the adrenal glands for the aim of regulating the performance of every cell in the body, these hormones include insulin, testosterone, and estrogen. According to some research, hormones have been viewed as the building blocks for some cancerous tumors because they have shown to have a tendency of relying on them for growth. It is therefore right to inhibit the action of these hormones in order to stop cancer from spreading. Some ways of actualizing this is through making sure that the hormones do not act as they are supposed to at the target sites or making sure the hormones are not produced at all. Hormone therapy can be administered through injection, oral medication or through surgical interventions.

There are advantages to using hormonal therapy for specific medical conditions. This discussion will elaborate some of them. In cancer treatments, hormone therapy has great advantages because it slows down and eventually stops cancer from recurring by eliminating any chance or opportunity that would make cancerous growth continue to develop. Changing the way that hormones affect the cells in the body is a way that is used to slow down the progression of cancer. Men and women alike get to benefit from the various types of hormone therapy that exists, this is because this form of intervention is able to help control breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. Hormone therapy are of different types and when used for cancer treatments, the type of hormone therapy depends on the type of cancer that one is dealing with. When caution is not fully taken, hormone therapy may cause more harm than good, the type of cancer, how far the cancer has developed and whether there are any complicated underlying medical conditions are some of the considerations that one should make when seeking these form of therapy.

When one is receiving cancer treatments there could be complications that develop during the process of getting help, hormone therapy becomes really helpful in this situations because it helps manage some of the symptoms of the disease. This makes it manageable since patients have a range of options that they can choose from when looking for treatment for cancer.

Advantages of hormone therapy are also seen when people want to shed some weight by using hormone pellets for weight loss or when women start battling with menopause. Hormone therapy helps make menopause manageable by controlling some changes that develop during this phase such as excessive sweating or even hot flashes as well as preventing one from having a dry vagina.
Patients should, therefore, ask their doctors for all the necessary information required before being given the treatment because as much as there are benefits associated with them, it is important to know what one is getting themselves into.

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