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February 18, 2019

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How to Motivate your Kids

Motivation to the kids from their parents is essential as this is one way of supporting them and making them feel appreciated. Kids have weaknesses just like any other person and thats why parents are obliged in controlling their kids and give them full support in life. A wise parent will never feel offended in molding their kids’ weaknesses as they must understand that kids are also human beings and need to be couched.

Putting in mind that kids rely on their parents and they will do anything they are asked by their parents thats why parents must be supportive at all times. Yes sometimes kids can be irritant and disgusting but as a parent you must not show your anger upon them rather try to use some wiser ways of handling such situations. It reaches a time when kids annoy us big time and without wisdom as a parent you may trip off and take the wrong direction of handling such scenarios which can be very dangerous.

There are ways of motivating your kids and with the right guidance you will never feel frustrated. It is by learning your kids weak points that will make you know how to handle them as this is one way of molding her failures in life, kids just want to be understood and feel supported. Never make your kid feel demoralized even if she is not performing just show her she is improving and guide her to the right path to success.

Kids interest differs from each other therefore never compare kids rather deal with the kid individually as this will help him/her understand him/herself easily but if you keep comparing her with the rest that kid will withdraw thus feel demoralized and that is a bad sign of failure. Always focus on getting higher and higher this way you will push him to the top and he will also try to put more effort and with due time you will see some great improvement.

Focus on empowering the kid than trying to discipline as this is one way of making them have confidence even in sharing their weaknesses with you let them feel free in telling you anything as this is very healthy. Keep motivating the kids and empowering them as this is one way of showing your support. If possible try to make them feel appreciated than having them disciplined sometimes discipline deteriorates the childs self-esteem which is unhealthy.

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